Debbie Nielsen – Photographer

My name is Debbie Nielsen and I am the studio owner of SA Photographers.  I am also a photographer.  I started photography about 2008.  I’ve loved photography ever since I was a child and remember taking photos with my mom’s Kodak 110 cameras.  As I started having kids, I was that mom always wanting to get that perfect photo of her kids but struggled to get good photos with cheap cameras. I couldn’t afford to go to the professionals, even Wal-mart studios were not an option for us.  Well, times and life improved and I married my current husband.  In 2007 my oldest daughter Andrea, took photography and graphic design in college and started with the Canon Rebel.  She was living my dream.  Later, my middle daughter Pam, also took photography in school and we bought the 2nd DSLR, the Nikon D3200.  I was absolutely amazed at how well the cameras worked compared to the point and shoot cameras I’ve used all the years before.  We started taking photos for local events and thats how we started  The focus on the domain was to show the events in which the student photographers recorded.
 In 2010 my husband bought me my own DSLR, the Canon T2i.  For the next 2 years, while stationed in Aviano, Italy, I was able to focus on learning my camera and techniques and what a great opportunity that was!  2013 was a harsh year for us and photography was put on hold.  In 2014, while trying to recover from past events, I continued to work on my photography business.  It wasn’t long before I decided to go full frame and got my Canon 5D Mark III.  And oh my goodness, the clarity, the speed, the performance overall was just impressive!  
As my craft was improving, clients were contacting me for sessions.  I started shooting out of our house but quickly grew out of the space.  We moved into our 1st location where we shortly outgrew that place as well and decided to move into a larger building, where we are at now.  Our focus had evolved into more than just events, but promoting several other photographers as well providing various photography styles.  And now we are SA Photographers Studio where independent photographers sign up to be residents and shoot on a regular basis, and beginners come to learn and grow in their craft, broadening their services.  We will continue to keep SA Photographers growing in hopes to be one of the best studios that local photographers will love to become a part of.
Please contact me at the main studio # 210-802-1222 or email