Our workshops focus on studio lighting while changing your camera settings to get to the desired effect.  It is a great opportunity to gather with other photographers to shoot and have a good time.  We provide the models, hair and makeup, wardrobe, lighting and backdrops; so all you will need is just your camera! 

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Why all the lights in the photo? We will explain why! It can be tricky lighting for green screen, especially with the intent to plug in digital backgrounds to create composite photos.
Models will be dressed in dark, Halloween themed characters.
We will capture photos of the models and demonstrate software that allows us to quickly change backgrounds. This aids in model posing, and lighting when creating composite images.
Cost includes paid experienced models.
COST:In-person photographer participation $45 (25% off for studio residents)
6 In-person photographer slots are available.
We have 2 models who will be dressed and posing as a character, dark, Halloween themed.
Ayla Hartung &
Sam McCall
We will discuss lighting for the 1st portion of the workshop, then the models will come on set to model for us, demonstrating how the light hits a subject while posing. For those who participate in person, there will be extra time (until 8:30pm) to shoot when the discussion portion is over.
ONLINE – (Remember in-person participation is the best way to learn but if you’re not ready to shoot, you can watch the live feed on Google MEET.
The workshop will be a recorded meeting as well as shared on other social media platforms.
We will have a tethered camera and will adjust settings so you can see what happens live. We hope this will inspire you to keep shooting!
Please note that some of our workshops may go into overtime.
We will have a screenshare so you’ll be able to see the photos as we shoot.

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Photographers must follow the studio rules. By signing up to participate, the photographer understands he/she will be visible and heard in the livestream feed and recording. This not a TFP shoot and the in-person photographers will not be required to provide photos to the model.
A follow up email may be sent to participants.
Model disclaimer: ***What if a model cancels? Do I get a refund?***
Please note that we have contracted with a model but understand they may cancel for circumstances beyond our control. If a model cancels with enough notice, we will attempt to find a replacement asap. Refunds are not offered in the event a model cancels. If a model cancels, we will use a mannequin. This workshop is about learning and not about shooting a specific model. If you’re interested in shooting a specific model, feel free to reach out to him/her directly to collaborate a shoot.